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Insmart has manufactured and supplied mechanical sample preparation equipment primarily in India, rest of Asia and Africa for over 23 years. INSMART cross-belt samplers are specifically engineered, designed and manufactured to suit varied site conditions. They are far superior in material quality and yet very cost effective systems.

Principle of Operation

The rotary scoop aperture moves perpendicular to the centerline of the belt being sampled keeping the belt safe and collecting a complete band of material from the moving belt conveyor. Upto 10 kgs of increment collected from each scooping action (material and belt loading dependent) The belt conveyor at the sampling area is securely supported by more condensed impact idlers. This makes a perfect arc in the cutter path of a belt enabling the radial scoop to cover the width of the material on the belt and collecting the fines as well. The radial scoop passes through the entire stream of material during one continuous operation with the minimum cutter velocity at the tip of the radial scoop being 1.5 times the velocity of the belt. Scoop design, scooping speed and non metallic cutter tips ensure that all particles including ultra-fines falling in the scooping path are collected. The rotary scoop is counterweighted in order to avoid potential structural problems with the conveyor belt. .


Pot Mill


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