Automatic Vibratory Cup Mill

Insmart Automatic VCM grinds the material in small batches with feed and discharges without removing the heavy bowl from the machine.

  • Pre weighed quantity of sample (20-40 gms.) and binder is fed into the automatic swing grinder.
  • Machine grinds the sample for a preset time to get the required fineness
  • Ground sample is collected in a bowl and manually transferred for pelletization.
  • Automatic Cleaning by compressed air and suction for entire passage of sample travel


  • Handling of Bowl is eliminated
  • Reduces manpower from 4 to 1 per shift
  • Loading / Unloading Time of bowl is eliminated
  • Automatic Cleaning of Bowl by suction and compressed air
  • Most suitable for skilled personnel to operate
  • Dust / Dirt / Contamination free environment in the lab
  • Fast sample preparation @ approximately 1 to 3 minutes per sample
  • Improved Productivity and Accuracy
  • One year warrantee against any manufacturing defect.