Disc Mill

Disc Mill

For fast and efficient primary grinding of brittle bulk materials from as large as 20mm to a fine size of upto 212 micron (72 mesh).

Principle of Operation

Grinding is done by heavy impact and friction. Sample is kept in the annular space between the bowl, ring and the hammer. A cover is kept on the top of the bowl then the bowl is clamped on vibratory platform and subjected to heavy vibrations. The vibratory platform imparts the kinetic energy to the ring and the hammer.
Most suitable for 'XRF' sample preparation.

Feed Material

Material having medium to substantially high hardness and brittleness like Bauxite, Bakelite, Concrete, Geological Ores, Ferroalloys, Quartz, Glass, Granite, Silicates, Cement Clinker, Slag, Coal, Coke, Corundum etc.


  • Extremely fast & Efficient Primary Crushing.
  • Rigid & Dust Tight Design.
  • Feed Size up to 20 mm
  • Out Put Size up to 212 microns (72 mesh)
  • The maximum throughput of 50 Kg to 200 Kg /hrs (Depending
  • on the material characteristic and size of output setting).
  • Easy adjustment for setting Gap of Discs from 0.1 mm to 5 mm
  • Interchangeable Optional material of construction of Disc
  • Overload Protection for Motor
  • One Year Warrantee against any manufacturing Defects.
Optional Features:
  • Dust extraction system
  • Grinding discs of different material are available.
disc mill operation


Disc Mill Specifications