Jaw Crusher

Application: Geology, Mineralogy & Metallurgy
Jaw Crusher

For fast & effective primary reduction, directly from as large as 2" - 4" size to less than 1mm size of soft, brittle, hard and very hard materials.

Principle of Operation

Material (lump) to be Crushed is fed into the crushing zone through a hopper. The crushing zone consists of two parallel and two tapered jaws. One Jaw is provided with oscillatory motion, where as the other jaw is hinged to adjust the gap (to adjust output size) through an adjustable screw mechanism. Provision is made to extract the dust, If (vacuum) suction system is attached.

Feed Material

Materials having medium to substantially high hardness and brittleness like Bauxite, Bakelite, Concrete, geological ores, Ferroalloys, quartz, glass. Granite, silicates, cement clinker, slag, coal, coke, Corundum etc.


  • Extremely fast & efficient primary crushing.
  • Rigid & dust tight design.
  • Size reduction from 50 -100mm to less than 5 mm .
  • Jaw gap (setting output size ) built in measurement scale.
  • Interchangeable optional material of construction.
  • Illuminated crushing zone to ensure the proper gap and cleaning of residue material.
  • Start & Stop push button, overload protection for motor,switches for bulb and vacuum, Fault indication lamp are provided.
  • One Year Warrantee against any manufacturing defects.

Optional Features:
  • Dust extraction system
  • Extra blade set of different material.


Jaw Crusher Specifications