• Considering today's need of mining industry and to meet ever increasing demand for high quality product by the user industries, testing facilities have been created for utilization of low grade/lean ores and plant rejects.
  • Facilities exist for conducting ameneability studies on batch scale for upgradation of various ores and minerals starting from communition to concentration.
  • Studies are conducted as per BIS/ISO standards.
  • Creation of mineral beneficiation test facility on turnkey basis at the customer's site.
  • Design, fabrication, manufacture and supply of various process equipments.
  • Consultancy service for process related issues.
  • Comprehensive studies involving feasibility and pilot scale tests including process flow sheet recommendation.

Facilities in Mineral Processing Field

  • Single window facility for technology development & transfer, in house design & manufacture of process equipments.
  • Procure state of art branded equipments from reputed agencies.
  • Creation of Mineral Beneficiation Test facility on TURNKEY basis from Conception to Concentration both on Laboratory and Pilot scale.
  • Comprehensive batch scale test facility established at Hyderabad for Amenability/Feasibility Studies for scaling up.
  • De-bugging of process related issues in the existing plants. 3 Establishing Demo plant for processing Low Grade Ores.
  • Contract and Consultancy Services.

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  • Jaw Crusher
  • Roll Crusher
  • Ball Mill
  • Rod Mill
  • Bond's Work Index Ball Mill
  • Bond's Work Index Rod Mill
  • Ty-Lab Sieve shaker
  • Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker
  • Laboratory Sieve Shaker
  • Wet Sieve Analysis Unit
  • Riffle Sample Splitter
  • Mineral Jig
  • Concentrating Table
  • Density Separator
  • Mineral Separator
  • Cylone Test Rig & Hydro Cyclones
  • Spiral Test Rig & Spirals
  • Davis Tube Tester
  • Electro Magnetic Drum Separator (WET)
  • Electro Magnetic Drum Separator (DRY)
  • Floatation Cell
  • Planetary Sample Divider

Jaw Crusher

For fast & effective primary reduction, directly from as large as 50 -150 mm to less than 2 mm size of soft, brittle, hard and very hard materials.

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Roll Crusher

For fast and effective reduction of feed material by crushing between the rolls.

Principal of Operation

The hard and brittle geological materials are trapped between the two rotating grooved rolls. One of the roll is given power through a "V" belt pulley system and is fixed on a stationary bearing block. The gap between the roll can be adjusted by a spring loaded screw rod. After the desired gap is adjusted the position is locked by a lock nut.

High pressure Roll Crushers having constant preset load with high pressure hydraulic accumulator are also manufactured. Provision is made to change the speed of roll electronically.

The Roll Crushers of higher capacities with varied reduction ratio are manufactured as per customer requirement.

Please see the video at link: copy and paste into your browser "" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdBQ64J_nsw""

Ball Mill

For Dry/Wet grinding of bulk materials in Batches/Continuous basis, customized mills from Laboratory to Production Models are manufactured.

The body is fabricated of Mild Steel Plates with suitable liners. P U or Steel liners can be selected.

Manufacturing range starts from as small as 12" X 12" to large Mills up-to 2 meter Diameter and 3 meter long or even higher sizes as per the customer requirement.

Rod Mill

Both Dry/Wet grinding is accomplished using Rod Mills in Batch/Continuous basis, customized mills are manufactured.

The body is made of Mild Steel with selective lining of PU and Steel are available. Our standard Rod Mill size starts from 7" X 14 " to 60" X 120".

Bond's Work Index Ball Mill

Ball mill is used for determining the power requirement by ball milling as per invention of F. C. Bond.

The standard feed is prepared by stage crushing to all passing 6 mesh sieve. A representative sample is screen analyzed. The 6 mesh sample is packed by shaking in a 1000 C. C. graduated cylinder and the weight of 700 C. C. is placed in the mill and ground for number of revolution calculated to produce at 250 percent circulating load. The mill is 12" x 12" with rounded corners. It has a revolution counter and runs at 70 r.p.m.

Size of Mill : 12" x 12" with Rounded Corners including Grinding Media Ballsof285Nos.ofassorted sizeweighing20,125Grams.

Power requirement: 4 pole, 6 Amp MCB (3 Phase + neutral with earthing) AC, 50/60Hz, 415 V. Motor: 1 HP, 1415 rpm.

Bond's Work Index Rod Mill

For finding the work index during Rod milling as per invention of F. C. Bond.

As per the standard procedure the feed is crushed to -1⁄2" and 1250 CC packed in a graduated cylinder are weighed, a representative sample is screen analysed. The weighed sample is ground duly in closed circuit with 100 percent circulating load in a 12" x 24" long tilting Rod Mill with a wave-type lining and revolution counter, running at 46 r.p.m.. The Grinding charge consists of Six 1.25" Dia and two 1.75" Dia steel rods of 21" long and weighing 33,380 Grams.

Power requirement: 4 pole, 10 Amp MCB (3 Phase + neutral with earthing) AC, 50/60Hz, 415 V. Motor: 1.5 HP, 1415 rpm.

Ty-Lab Sieve shaker

Ideally suited for screen analysis of Run of Mine Sample in larger quantities.
The unit consists of Vibrating mechanism and the drive in parts are mounted at the bottom of the machine.

The unit is provided with Seven Nos. Screen Trays of Polyurethane Construction. Seven Nos. Trays (Six nos. screen and one receiver) are placed one over the other with receiver at the bottom.

Following Screen Trays made of Polyurethane fitted with Spring Steel Cloth of 150 mm, 100 mm, 50 mm, 40 mm, 30 mm, 25 mm, 20 mm, 18 mm, 15 mm, 10 mm, 8 mm, 7 mm, 6 mm, 5 mm, 4 mm and 3 mm are available.

The trays are made of PU construction fitted with spring steel cloth of desired aperture to reduce the weight.

Two models are manufactured
1. ITLS-1. 450 X 450 X 125 mm. (Tray size)
2. ITLS-2. 650 X 650 X 150 mm. (Tray size)

Power requirement: 4 pole, 20 Amp MCB (3 Phase + neutral with earthing) AC, 50/60Hz, 415 V. Motor: 3.7 Kw (5 HP), 1415 rpm.

Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker

The unit is meant for dry sieve analysis of various samples in the size range from 4 mesh to 400 mesh. It is operated on oscillatory motion with tapping given at the top with approximately 50 strokes per minute.

The unit can accommodate eight nos. of 2"height, 8" dia test sieves excluding top cover and bottom pan. Timer is provided to set the screening time depending upon the particle configuration.

The specific advantage with Insmart make Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker is that it does not need any lubricating oil fill.

The unit is operated with 0.5 H.P. motor, 230 V, single phase 50 cycles, A.C. Supply (Optional: 3 phase Motor can be provided on request).

Laboratory Sieve Shaker

Insmart analytical Sieve Shaker is specially designed for accurate and efficient granulometric analysis of material through sieving. Sieving is done by three dimensional electromagnetic motion. The material to be sieved is propelled upward periodically from the woven sieve cloth, as it returns to the mesh of the sieve it is forced through the apertures to the collecting bin located on the base. Samples are kept on the sieve, which are placed on the collecting bin, and a cover is kept on the top of the sieve. The machine can accommodate four sieves with four collecting bins at a time.

Power Requirement: 2Pole, 6AmpMCB(SinglePhase withearthing)A.C., 50/60Hz,230V

Motor: 65 W, 2800 rpm

Wet Sieve Analysis Unit

For efficient Screening to dislodge the clayee adhered coatings of ore grains.
The unit can accommodate 8 nos of standard test sieves of 2" height and 8" diameter and with a spray nozzle (Eye type) for uniform spray of water for efficient screening.

Timer provision exists for predetermined screening time.

Power requirement: 2 pole, 6 Amp MCB (Single Phase with earthing) AC, 50/60Hz, 230 V, Motor: 0.37 Kw (0.5 HP), 1415 rpm.

Riffle Sample Splitter

For drawl of representative sample from the bulk sample.

Riffle Sample Splitters are classified as precision "rifflers" because of their ability to accurately divide granular materials for sampling purpose. The unit meets standard methods for reducing samples of aggregate to testing size. Rifflers with gap width of 50 mm to 3mm are available for drawl of representative samples for further test work.

Material of construction is Polyurethane / SS-304.

Mineral Jig

Mineral Jig is used for separation of Ore Minerals from the Gangue based on Gravity difference in comparatively coarser size range.

  • - The Mineral Jig has a single Hutch compartment and a reversible screen compartment.
  • - The rotating water valve is timed to admit water only on the plunger upstroke.
  • - An adjustable eccentric mechanism is used for varying the stroke of rubber diaphragm.
  • - The upper trash screen consists of a four mesh woven wire cloth. Two lower wedge bar screens are also furnished.
  • - The Jig is mounted on a steel stand which is sufficiently at higher level to collect hutch product.

Various Models available are:
1) Simplex Jig 4" X 6" and 8" X 12"
2) Duplex Jig 8" x 12" and 24" X 36"

Concentrating Table

The unit is designed to carry out wet gravity separation tests on minerals and other granular materials. A choice of the decks with either "Sand" or "Slime" is available. The head motion is of rugged construction and requires minimum maintenance. The Concentrating Table gives precise separation and is able to make a sharp cut with high recovery.

The features include:
- Adjustable stroke length, deck angle and stroke speed.
- Provided with feed box; product launders and variable speed drive systems.
- Both wooden and P.U. Decks are available.
- Riffles and deck form a common surface.

Model IS5024: Size : 50" x 24" Capacity : 90 Kg/Hr
Model IS4018: Size :40" x 18 Capacity : 45 Kg/Hr
Decks Type: Slime & Sand
Power Requirement: 4 Pole, 10 Amp MCB (3 Phase + Neutral with earthing), 2 kW, 415 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Density Separator

For producing an extremely sharp partition curve when the classifying particles are in the range of 20 to 325 mesh.

- The separation process takes place by a hindered settling of larger/denser particles away from lighter/finer particles. The under flow consisting of a quick settling particles, is efficiently dewatered.
- By measuring the density in the teeter bed and comparing this density with known values, discharge of underflow is accordingly regulated.
- Application : Separation of particles by size / Sp.Gr.
- Sharp Classification
- Minimum water requirement
Power requirement: 2 pole, 6 Amp MCB (Single Phase with earthing) AC, 50/60Hz, 230 V, Motor: 0.75 Kw, (1 HP), 1415 rpm.

Mineral Separator

For quick and efficient separation of mineral grains having close specific gravity over a wide size range.
- The unit is provided with easily interchangeable Stainless Steel Trays to allow for both coarse and fine particle separations. After placing the wetted sample on the tray, the cyclic motion mobiliges the mineral particles enabling stratification to take place.
- Reciprocating horizontal movement of the tray ensures effective separation.
- The heavy minerals sink to the tray surface and are thrown up stream by the end Knock action. The lighter minerals are carried downstream by the flow of irrigation water and discharged via the tailings launder.
- The unit has flexibility for adjusting the inclination and speed.
- Choice of "V" profile tray (for separations in 1000 to 100 micron size range), Flat Tray (for separations in 100 to 10 micron size
range) is available
- Application: · Best suited to obtain data on higher sp. Gr. Ranges.
- Fast assessment for gravity concentration performance.
- 50-100 grams sample can be tested at a time. Power requirement: 2 pole, 6 Amp MCB (Single Phase with earthing) AC, 50/60Hz, 230 V, Motor: 0.37 Kw, (0.5 HP), 1415 rpm.

Cylone Test Rig & Hydro Cyclones

An energy efficient machine to separate fine-particle and classify wet mineral, chemical products.
- The feed slurry enters the Hydro Cyclone tangentially under pressure, as a result of the high centrifugal forces; particles coarser than cut point migrate into a primary vortex adjacent to the wall and move downwards to discharge into a small volume of water via the spigot. Particles finer than 'Cut Point' migrate into a secondary upward-moving vortex, along with the majority of the water via the vortex finder.
- Hydro cyclone is made of wear resistant polyurethane (PU). The tangential passage design ensures turbulence free Circular motion, leading to maximum efficiency and minimum wear.
- Hydro Cyclone is supplied with 3 nos. each of Apex & Vortex finders of suitable size for selecting the desired set for separation required.
Size & Range: Hydro Cyclones from 2" to 15" with long cone and short cones in polyurethane construction as per customer requirement.

Power requirement for Test Rig: 4 pole, 16 Amp MCB (3 Phase + neutral with earthing), 3.5kW, 415 V AC, 50/60Hz.

Spiral Test Rig & Spirals

The Spiral Test Rig is used to assess various parameters like separation efficiency, Spiral profiles, Quality and Quantity of products etc.

- The Rig Comprises of 500 Liters capacity rugged wear resistant, non corrosive sump.
- Slurry Mixed in the sump is transferred by means of a suction of 11⁄2" centrifugal pump delivering approximately 36' Total Delivery Height through a one inch feed line. Isolating valves (two Nos.) direct the slurry, either in an upward direction or re-circulating to the sump.

FeedDistributor: Lightweight8waydistributorto handle up to 40 gpm slurry.
Grouping of Outlets: Feed rate to the spiral is maintained through grouping any number of outlets from the distributor. The balance of outlets not in use will be grouped together and returned to the sump via a common collection box.
SamplingSystem: Manuallyoperatedtofacilitate the simultaneous collection of 3 spiral Products.
Spiral Series: Spirals of various profiles used in low grade, high grade and fine mineral separation are supplied.
Power requirement: 4 pole, 16 Amp MCB (3 Phase + neutral with earthing) AC, 50/60Hz, 415 V, Motor: 2.25 Kw (3 HP), 1415 rpm.

Davis Tube Tester

For determination of magnetic content of Ores and for checking efficiencies of wet separators and separation of highly magnetic material such as magnetite, powdered iron, flue dust and Ferro silicon etc. The unit has a flexibility to vary the power input for desired field strength.

- The grade of concentrate that is produced is quickly determined with this apparatus.
- The unit consists of an electric magnet, between the poles of which a glass tube is set at an angle of 45 degrees. The tube is supported by an agitating mechanism which is agitated by a variable governed electric motor. The tube is simultaneously rotated and agitated between the magnetic poles where apparatus is in separation.

Power Requirement: 4 pole, 10 Amp MCB (3 Phase + neutral with earthing) AC, 50/60Hz, 415 V.

Electro Magnetic Drum Separator (WET)

An ideal unit for wet separation of paramagnetics from nonmagnetic material using wet drum technology.

The unit is provided with neoprene based scrapper for removal of magnetics from drum surface, SS check valve for controlling discharge flow, Electrical Control Panel for varying magnetic intensity of coil.

Electro Magnetic Drum Separator (DRY)

The electromagnetic drum separator is meant for separation of magnetics from nonmagnetics on dry basis.

The unit is provided with splitter blade for separation of magnetic and non magnetic fractions, through respective discharge outlets. Provided with Electrical Control Panel for varying magnetic intensity of coil, single head (coil) Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder Pan with separate control panel for feeding the material on to the drum, a feed hopper of around 150 kg. is also provided.

Floatation Cell

Physico-Chemical Process for up gradation of various Ores & Minerals specially sulphide minerals.

The unit is a versatile one and is provided with both propeller and attrition type impellers. Provision exists for varying the capacity as three nos. of cells having 500, 1000 and 2000 grams are available. Provision for varying speed exists, digital display of set speed is provided. The unit is sub-A type and is provided with air inlet valve. The unit is operated with 4 pole, 10 amp MCB, 3 phase + neutral with earthing, 0.75 kW, 415 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz.

Planetary Sample Divider

To draw small quantity of true representative sample from the collected bulk sample. Works on unique planetary sample division technique (method).

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