Operational Sequence

Planetary Sample Divider - PSD-M

To draw small quantity of true representative sample from thecollected bulk sample. Works on unique planetary sample division technique (method).

Principal of Operation
It works on planetary motion system to uniformly distribute the sample in an annular area. A small slit of desired percentage of annular area collects the small true representative sample.

Working Methodology

The bulk sample is poured into a rotating hopper (manually or through a vibratory feeder) having four chutes. At the exit end of each chute a vertical screw feeder is provided. The hopper and four screw feeders rotate in planetary motion (synchronous planetary). The screw feeder rotate at slower speed than the hopper for uniform distribution. The rotating screw feeders distribute the material uniformly across the annular area. Small slit with collecting pan is provided to collect the representative small quantity of sample. Slit width can be changed as per the required percentage of representative sample.


  • Samples having upto 20 mm particle size can be processed with great accuracy.
  • Dry or with marginal moisture (non sticky) sample can be processed.
  • Sample with Large particle size upto 150 mm can be processed in combination with Jaw Crusher (Model - PSD-JC).
  • Large sample volume (upto 1000 Kg) can be reduced to 100 grams with true representation.
  • Various models with small to large capacity are manufactured.
  • Customized for on line automation.
  • Clean atmosphere: Each unit has been provided with dust extraction Points.
  • Suitable dust collection system is provided as optional item.
  • One year warrantee against any manufacturing defect.

Comparison of Conventional Sample Size Reduction methods vs Planetary Sample Divider